No. 24 | Fall Moodboard: Five Design Trends for Fall

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This season’s design roundup is all about nostalgia and contrast. I revisited my latest pins and saved photos and pulled out five trends I’m drooling over for this Fall:

Floral Line Art

I feel like I missed the continuous line art fad when it first started popping up — but better late than never! These floral line drawings are like old time wall paper — they feel so classic, faded, and unassuming. This line art is an interesting take on florals because florals are normally focused on color and shape. Replacing color and shape for a clean black line makes a somewhat overstimulating subject appear simple.

See Instagram photos and videos from meredith mejerle rush (@meredithmejerle).jpeg

Chunky nostalgic Serif Fonts

The nostalgic 60’s/70’s fonts are back with a vengeance. My feed has been filled with these Cali beach vibe types and I’m not mad about it. The 2019 version of the chunky, high contrast serif has definitely gotten a glow up. Clean baselines, uniform stroke widths, and just the right amount of stem chunk make these fonts the perfect option for your Header1. I’ve been using Vesterbro and Tiempos on everything.

Fonts & Typography  Script Handwritten Brush Calligraphy #design #graphicdesign #art.jpeg
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Floating Still Life Pictures

I’m in love with these still life pictures. They’re so piecey and disjointed yet somehow everything works together. There’s an intentionality with “white” space and shadow placement. The lighting makes the subjects look like they’re floating — it’s like every day objects have become ethereal. I love the juxtaposition of shadows with high contrast pastel colors. It gives depth and warmth to the image while still maintaining the ever popular faded film look.


Tiny Illustrated Logos

I love tiny things in general so these tiny logos have definitely been catching my eye. They remind me of the backs of playing cards and make me think of fortune tellers. They’re the perfect cross between gaudy, old-world ornamentation and modern minimalism. Extra points if they’re designed in warm gold tones.

Hannah Lynch.jpeg
A gorgeous illustrated logo design with hand drawn illustration of a female body, reminiscent of antique greek statues_ Inspired by ancient greek connection to nature, this.jpeg
Jewelry Brand Logo Design.jpeg

Deep Orange Sun Circles

I’m a big fan of using circles to fill space or bring balance to a composition. If you have a relatively faded, pastel palette going on, nothing says “look here” like a big black circle. But in the spirit of fall, deep orange is the new black. It hearkens to the sun and feels oh so juicy next to some dark-colored text.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 5.26.52 PM.jpg
WORK · Typewolf.png
Surf's Up Tee Graphic.jpeg

That’s it, five design trends I’m loving for Fall. If you made it to the end of this note, thanks for nerding out over some design goodness with me.

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Note: All images here were taken from Pinterest. Head over there for credits.

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