No. 13 | Summer Mood Board

No. 13 Moodboard.png

A new season is here and I have been in the surfer mood. I can’t get enough antique surfer pictures running through my feed; aqua blues, yellowed skies, deep brown tans, faded sand prints, dusty photos filled with nostalgic longing for the slow summer months. It all seems so poetic and warm. Maybe it’s the tug of my childhood dream of becoming a Roxy girl ( …ok, I’m definitely still holding out for a Roxy sponsorship. Maybe one day they’ll sponsor designers?) or maybe it’s a longing to escape from New York’s dusty, sweaty city walls. Either way, I’m all about the surfer aesthetic. Hence, this season’s moodboard inspired by surf, heat, and the mysteriously ever-tan surfer girl.

Until next time,

CreativityK Saison