No. 8 | Just Sit and Breathe

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Is it just me or does it feel strange that 2019 is almost halfway over? Where did the time go? Doesn’t it seem like the days keep getting shorter and shorter?

I recently read an article about how we have the power to change our perception of time. The basic premise was that time is relative to our perception of it. The article brought up the fact that when we were kids, days seemed so long and drawn out and as we age, time seems to slip away faster and faster. It really got me thinking about how important it is to slow down and be still.

As people stuck in a fast-paced world full of tech, awe, and distraction, the concept of stillness can seem foreign, even daunting. But it’s the only way to really ground ourselves and keep our perception of time from spinning out of control. Those early mornings or late nights we find ourselves alone without our devices or loved ones to distract us are the times when time stands still. When it feels like time is standing still we are able to just sit and breathe without worrying about losing out on the things happening in the world around us. It’s in these moments that we find contentment. When we become unconscious of time, we become at ease with our situation and have no need to worry about anything but the present.

It’s so important to set this time aside to be alone and undistracted— time to be unproductive— time to be alone with our thoughts. Those are usually the moments when we either receive clarity about ourselves, a fresh perspective on life, or a strike of creativity. If we still our minds down long enough to notice our surroundings, and more importantly, to notice how we feel and react to those surroundings, we are allowing ourselves to recharge for future productivity.

Try it out. Find time for a couple minutes of silence. Just sit and breathe. Notice how time seems to stand still and all want a desire is replaced by a feeling of contentment.

Until next time,

WellnessK Saison