No. 5 | Advice From My Mom That You Need to Follow

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My mom is a strong, nurturing woman who’s experienced and overcome a lot. She is the definition of a ladyboss. She grew up on a cattle ranch, studied psychology in college, coached basketball teams, raised four squirmy kids in a third-world nation, moved all over the world as a missionary, battled health issues, started a nursing career, and continues to live her life in a quiet, simple, and fiercely inspiring way. When we were kids, she found every opportunity to nurture our passions and interests, pushing us to be the best we could be. She’s not a woman of many words and most of what I’ve learned from has been by watching how she lives her life. But sometimes, she would say things that stuck . . .

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She instilled in me a respect for simplicity, a love for learning, and the grit to do hard things without complaining. Take some time to think about what your mom has taught you and make sure to thank her. Happy Mothers Day!

Until next time,

WellnessK Saison