No. 2 | Moodboard 4 . 19: Designing for the Season


Spring is in the air and New York City is starting to wake itself up from the slosh of the winter months. Little families with their bike-riding children and dazed-looking parents have begun to overtake the sidewalks. Moms with their sleek, top-shelf strollers and hipsters with their sharpie-colored headphones and frayed pants all flock to coffee shop patios to enjoy the long-awaited sunshine.

Right now, I’m planted in one of my favorite little bakeries in Brooklyn. I’m lovingly gazing out the floor-to-ceiling window, thankful that I didn’t have to wear my grimy, subway-smelling winter coat today. Ahhhh yes, lovely Spring is definitely in the air!

Designing for the Season

I recently listened to a podcast with farm-to-table movement and Chez Panisse founder, Alice Waters. In her interview, she talked about seasonal cooking and the idea of creating dishes only from the fruits and vegetables available during certain seasons of the year. Alice contributed the flavor of her dishes and success of her little cafe to this concept of cooking with the season. The simplicity of using only naturally-grown ingredients that came straight from the farmers is what gave her cooking a life beyond her city and sparked a second national food revolution.

After listening to this podcast, it got me thinking about how I could apply this concept of seasonality to my work. What if I allowed the elements (ingredients) of the things I create to be subject to season and time instead of pushing for a certain “style” or “cohesiveness” in my work? What if my work changed in form throughout the year based on the time and elements available?

This month’s moodboard reflects this idea of season, nature, & using elements at hand.

April Moodboard.png

Until next week,

CreativityK Saison